Editing Services

Regarding copyedits of full manuscripts:

I’m currently accepting manuscripts for copyediting, with priority for publishers, and for authors I’ve worked with beforeNew clients, please query — I may have openings in my schedule.

For new and returning clients:

  • manuscript copyedit-focused critiques, where I read up to a certain number of pages and suggest trouble areas the author might look at. For instance, if I changed every “alright” to “all right” in your manuscript, that would be copyediting. Noting that you have a tendency to spell them “alright” instead of “all right,” and that it would be helpful to go through and do a search on “taught” because sometimes I think you mean “taut” instead… would be a copyediting critique. It’s less time-consuming for me, and equally helpful for you. Because you’re doing most of the work, I can charge less for it. Base rate for this service is $40/hour.


  • short story troubleshooting. If you have had a ( science fiction / fantasy / speculative fiction ) short story rejected by a market that I don’t work with (that is to say, stories submitted to Apex Magazine or my anthologies aren’t eligible), I will perform a troubleshooting critique, where I read your story with my slush-reader hat on and tell you all the sorts of things a form letter won’t: where the story feels weak, why I think it’s not selling, what I recommend you do about it. Base rate for this service is $40.

Please inquire about my availability at: gabrielle (dot) edits (at) gmail (dot) com