Welcome to my new home on the web! I’m Gabrielle Harbowy, and you may remember me from such websites as Gabrielle Edits, Dragon Moon Press, Goodreads, Amazon, and Wikipedia.

I edit science fiction and fantasy books and short stories, and acquire them for various publishers. Though I write as well, I consider editing to be my full-time “day job.”

But…right about when I got the contract for my second novel, I realized my old site (which focused on my editing) was only telling half the story. So, welcome to GabrielleHarbowy.com, where you’ll find older content and newer stuff as well!

Editing Services:

I’m currently accepting manuscripts for copyediting only from authors and publishers I’ve worked with before.

For new clients, I’m offering manuscript copyedit-focused critiques, where I read a certain number of pages and suggest trouble areas the author might look at. For instance, if I changed every “alright” to “all right” in your manuscript, that would be copyediting. Noting that you have a tendency to spell them “alright” instead of “all right,” and that it would be helpful to go through and do a search on “taught” because sometimes I think you mean “taut” instead… would be a critique. It’s less time-consuming for me, and equally helpful for you. Because you’re doing most of the work, I can charge less for it.

For new clients, I’m also offering short story troubleshooting. If you have had a ( science fiction / fantasy / speculative fiction ) short story rejected by a market that I don’t work with (that is to say, stories submitted to Apex Magazine or my anthologies aren’t eligible), I will perform a troubleshooting critique, where I read your story with my slush-reader hat on and tell you all the sorts of things a form letter won’t: where the story feels weak, why I think it’s not selling, what I recommend you do about it.

I can be reached at gabrielle (dot) edits (at) gmail (dot) com.