Welcome to my home on the web! I’m Gabrielle Harbowy, and you may remember me from such websites as Gabrielle Edits, Dragon Moon Press, Goodreads, Amazon, and Wikipedia.

I edit science fiction and fantasy books and short stories, and acquire them for various publishers. Though I write as well, I consider editing to be my full-time “day job.”

But…right about when I got the contract for my second novel, I realized my old site (which focused on my editing) was only telling half the story. So, welcome to GabrielleHarbowy.com, where you’ll find older content and newer stuff as well!

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Editing Services:

I’m currently accepting manuscripts for copyediting. Manuscripts from publishers, authors I’ve worked with before, and Patreon subscribers will get priority, but check with me. I might have openings. I do have other services available, too. Check out the link in the sidebar for more information.

Autographed Books: 

I have inventory, and I’ll even write in it for you! Check out the link in the sidebar to order signed books.

Public Speaking:

I enjoy participating in interviews, podcasts and panel discussions, and giving presentations. If you’d like to have me visit your writing group, organization, ttrpg event, or conference, or for a reading or signing, please reach out.

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Inquiries? I can be reached at gabrielle (dot) edits (at) gmail (dot) com.