Nice things people have said about my writing…


Five Star Amazon Review: “This book introduces ethical relationship concepts in an engaging way. The narrator is a smart and honest teen trying to do her best at school, at work, and for her loved ones. Her struggles with heartbreak, long-distance love, bullying, and prejudice will resonate with any reader. Highly recommended for its modeling of conversations concerning love, sex, and consent. Also highly recommended for its easy, casual inclusion of queerness and disability.”

Five Star Goodreads Review: “I very, very rarely give five star ratings. This book was a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed; a book where being polyamorous was just a normal, every day thing. I especially loved that the main character worked in a library, as I do too, and all the little references made me smile. I’ve highly recommended this to anyone who’ll listen.”  – Ella, Goodreads review


Harbowy writes with the precision of an editor, and the sensibility and passion of a writer.   — Leah Peterson, Author of the Physics of Falling series
Hellmaw: Of the Essence is a satisfying read on many levels and marks Harbowy a talent to watch out for.  — Deborah J. Ross, Author of The Seven-Petaled  Shield and jury chairperson for the Philip K. Dick Award
Real history is woven expertly into a fictionalized modern-day world, just like real emotion is woven expertly into characters whose alienness makes them all the more human.  — Cynthia Hamilton, author


This is a mystery story packed with solid characters and a cozy romance. [It] brought depth and warmth to the Pathfinders Tales world. – Jay Roberts, Goodreads review

The author does a great job of inserting characters with some but limited expertise (but not overblown power) into a potentially epic tale. It all flows into a fantasy plot that makes sense while also presenting twists and turns challenging the characters’ faith as well as threatening potentially world-changing, epochal events.  – Mike, Goodreads review

I really enjoyed the two main characters, Zae and Keren. Zae is a gnome and a cleric of Brigh, so she works on clockwork mechanisms and cool things like that. She’s also optimistic and friendly, which I love. Keren is a human knight, follower of Iomedae (I think?). She’s more broody and trying to find her place in her order, which is an archetype I can’t say no to, haha. They’re just nice characters, which I need every once in a while, and they’re fun to read about separately or together. They’re also romantic partners. I liked that their relationship is shown as a source of comfort and strength for both, and it was refreshing that it was accepted in the world… I like that the book was pretty effortlessly inclusive.  – Carrie, Goodreads review